Amazing Gadgets For Kids

Everyone knows Kids are our future and the future will be run by advanced technology and Gadgets.  I have 4 kids under the age of 12, and I am always trying to find fun Gadgets for Kids to get them interested in learning more about technology and to STOP WATCHING TikTok and YouTube Videos!!!   

Below are Awesome Gadgets for Kids that are almost guaranteed to get them interested in learning more about technology (And Off YouTube/TikTok).  You can probably tell kids spending a lot of time on YouTube/Tiktok is a sore topic for me 🙂


GeekedOut Gadget #1

We are going to start off this list with what is by far my favorite of the Kids Gadgets Toys.  This is a GeekedOut kids gadget that can be one of the top awesome Gadgets for Boys & amazing Gadgets for Girls.  This can keep your kids entertained for countless hours (Keeping your kids off YouTube and TikTok!!!).  This Kids Gadget will introduce kids to Robotics, and programming… And they will have crazy fun doing it.


GeekedOut Gadget #2

Are you trying to find a way to get your daughter into tech and gadgets? This is a cool way to get the process started.  This set is one of the best spy gadgets for kids sets that you will find.  The top-secret letters will win any kid over (And keep you Kids off YouTube and TikTok!!!

New Gadgets

GeekedOut Gadget #3

Do you have a child that just wants to see things move
and do not want to build anything?  This
coding bot might be what they are looking for.  This toy is used in classrooms around the world
and these types of kid’s toys are great educational gadgets for students.  Dash is great for teaching beginning
programming principles (And keeping your Kids off YouTube and TikTok!!!).


GeekedOut Gadget #4

The unique marble set can keep your kids entertained for weeks on end. Marble Run is listed as “Cool Gadgets for Kids” mainly because you can build countless courses for countless hours of fun.   (Your kids will Forget all about YouTube and TikTok!!!)


GeekedOut Gadget #5

Sphero Mini is a programmable ball.  Another cool gadget to teach your kids how to program. This is perfect for younger kids. Little to no assembly is required.  Kids can just drive to ball around or program the ball to go through obstacle courses (Who needs YouTube and TikTok for child entertainment!!!).


GeekedOut Gadget #6

Sphero BOLT is for Children who need a little more challenge.  BOLT comes with many more advanced sensors (more that the Mini) for more programming challenges (By now your kid will have forgotten all about YouTube and TikTok!!!)


GeekedOut Gadget #7

Getting kids to learn (or want or want to learn) how to play chess is a challenge.  Chess Up is a cool Gadget kids and adults.  Its LED-lit boards make kids want to learn how to play once they see it.   Chess is a game and skill that will stay with children for the rest of their lives (Unlike YouTube and TikTok Entertainment!!!)

New Gadgets

GeekedOut Gadget #8

Everyone loves paper airplanes.  This is one kids gadget that encourages outside play.  I know I wish I had something like this when I was a kid (Definitely no need for YouTube and TikTok Entertainment while playing with this!!!)


GeekedOut Gadget #9

If you are looking to get younger kids of the TV and YouTube and into tech… This is definitely worth looking into   This toy Gadget is rated for kids as low as 4 yours old (Sorry YouTube and TikTok!!!).

GeekedOut Gadget #10

Jumbo Building Blocks!!! Need I say more?  My kids have built items like Chairs, Beds, Forts, Houses, Saunas for their Dolls, and a number of other things.  I only suggest purchasing a container to put them in when they are done letting their imagination go wild (And this is WAY more fun than YouTube and TikTok!!!).


GeekedOut Gadget #11

Are you looking for kid’s gadget ideas? This Kids Gadget is a new twist on an old favorite. The smart cube can teach your kid to solve the Cube.   The smart cube is designed for siblings and friends to have endless hours of fun challenging each other.  This Kids Gadget will also help develops their mind (And off YouTube and TikTok!!!).


This Post was all about Cool Gadgets for Kids that will get them off TikTok and YouTube.  Any of the items would introduce your kids to technology and programming.  Not only will these cool kids’ gadgets allow your kids to have hours of fun… you will be investing in their futures as well … and keeping them off YouTube and TikTok!!!!!!!!!!!

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