100 Tech Side Hustles


Technology is the wave of the Future…I mean now Now!!! With the power of the internet and a little effort, anyone can use their current knowledge, gadgets, and tech to earn extra income.  Using Tech for income are BY FAR the Best Sides Hustles.  Listed below are 100 simple ways you can make money from gadgets and technology. We have 10 different categories to make the information easy to look through.  Everyone will be able to find their perfect niche for earning some extra income.  Once you See the Idea that fits you, you can do a little extra research to make your Idea a reality. 

Cool Gadgets

E-commerce and Reselling:

1. Sell gadgets on Amazon.
2. List gadgets on eBay.
3. Use Shopify to set up an online store.
4. Sell gadgets through Facebook Marketplace.
5. Utilize Instagram for gadget sales.
6. Create an Etsy shop for unique gadget accessories.
7. Sell gadgets at local flea markets.
8. Set up a booth at craft fairs.
9. Participate in garage sales with gadgets.
10. Sell gadgets through classified ads.

Gadgets Giraffe

Repair and Refurbishment

12. Fix laptops and computers.
13. Refurbish gaming consoles.
14. Repair wearable devices like smartwatches.
15. Fix broken camera equipment.
16. Repair audio equipment like headphones.
17. Refurbish vintage gadgets.
18. Repair damaged drones.
19. Fix home automation devices.
20. Repair kitchen gadgets and appliances.


App Development and Software (not as hard as you think)

21. Create a paid mobile app.
22. Develop a free app with in-app purchases.
23. Offer software solutions for gadgets.
24. Develop a gadget-related productivity app.
25. Create educational apps for gadgets.
26. Offer customization software for devices.
27. Develop apps for IoT gadgets.
28. Create software for home automation systems.
29. Offer mobile games with in-app ads.
30. Develop apps for fitness and health gadgets.

Cool Gadgets

Content Creation

31. Start a tech review YouTube channel.
32. Create a tech blog for gadget reviews.
33. Start a podcast discussing the latest gadgets.
34. Create a TikTok account showcasing gadgets.
35. Write eBooks about gadget usage and tips.
36. Offer online courses on using gadgets.
37. Create video tutorials for gadget setup.
38. Start a photography blog for camera gadgets.
39. Share gadget-related tips on social media.
40. Create infographics about tech trends.

New Gadgets

Accessory Sales

41. Sell smartphone cases and covers.
42. Offer screen protectors for gadgets.
43. Sell gadget-related clothing and merchandise.
44. Create and sell custom gadget stickers.
45. Sell charging cables and adapters.
46. Offer replacement parts for gadgets.
47. Create and sell personalized gadget stands.
48. Sell camera accessories like lenses and tripods.
49. Offer unique smartwatch bands and straps.
50. Sell gaming controller skins and grips.

Rental and Sharing Services

51. Rent out camera equipment.
52. Offer drone rental services.
53. Rent virtual reality headsets.
54. Share gaming consoles for a fee.
55. Rent smart home devices for short periods.
56. Offer tablet and laptop rental services.
57. Share audio equipment like headphones.
58. Rent out fitness tracking gadgets.
59. Share e-readers and tablets.
60. Offer rental services for outdoor gadgets.


Tech Consulting and services

61. Provide gadget troubleshooting services.
62. Offer gadget setup and configuration assistance.
63. Provide tech support for gadgets.
64. Consult on smart home system integration.
65. Offer device security and privacy consulting.
66. Provide software installation and updates.
67. Offer data recovery services for gadgets.
68. Consult on IoT device network setup.
69. Provide gadget customization services.
70. Offer one-on-one gadget training sessions.

Trade-Ins and Buyback Programs

71. Buy used smartphones and resell them.
72. Offer trade-in programs for old gadgets.
73. Buy broken gadgets for parts.
74. Set up a buyback program for laptops.
75. Purchase old gaming consoles and refurbish them.
76. Buy vintage gadgets for collectors.
77. Offer cash for unwanted gadgets.
78. Buy used wearable devices for resale.
79. Purchase used camera equipment.
80. Set up a gadget recycling program.

New Gadgets

Gaming and Entertainment

81. Stream gameplay on platforms like Twitch.
82. Compete in e-sports tournaments.
83. Create and sell in-game items or currency.
84. Offer game coaching and strategy sessions.
85. Start a YouTube channel for gaming content.
86. Stream gadget unboxing and reviews.
87. Host gaming events and tournaments.
88. Create a subscription-based gaming community.
89. Offer game modding and customization.
90. Sell game-themed merchandise.

Photography and Creativity

91. Offer photography services using gadgets.
92. Create and sell digital art using tablets.
93. Offer drone photography and videography.
94. Sell personalized gadget-themed artwork.
95. Offer photo editing and retouching services.
96. Create and sell smartphone photography courses.
97. Provide virtual reality content creation.
98. Offer gadget-themed digital scrapbooking.
99. Sell customized 3D printed gadgets.
100. Offer personalized pet photography using gadgets.


This Blog was all about Simple ways to make money with technology and gadgets.  There are a variety of options, and there is at least one item on the list. If you put forth a little effort you can start generating income in no time. During these times, when inflation is going crazy, it is almost a must to have multiple streams of income.  Now go show the world why you’re Geeked Out

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