The Top 6 Most Useful Womens Saftey Gadgets

Its a dangerous world out there and having the right gadget at the right time could be a matter of life or death.  If your looking for gadgets to protect the precious women in your life look no further. We’ve got your back!!!

Below are some of the best Saftey gadgets for Women. With these Gadgets by your side you’ll always feel protected!


GeekedOut Gadget: "KERUI Upgraded Door Stop Alarm with Portable Door Lock "

  • The door stopper alarm in the “ON” status, once someone tries to break in, the door stopper will obstruct and make a loud alarm with 120 dB 
  • The door stop alarm in “OFF” status, it can be used as common silicone base door wedge. 
  • Small size, light weight, easy to take. You can carry them as a security guarantee for your travel or business trip.
  • 【Easy to Install】

GeekedOut Gadget: "Tactical Pen – Self Defense Pen & Multi-tool Pen"

  •  combines a ballpoint pen with a multi-mode LED flashlight, a premium tungsten carbide glass breaker, a multitool with a screwdriver, hex driver and bottle opener.
  • Keep your self-defense a priority and be prepared to handle any dangerous or emergency situation.
New Gadgets

GeekedOut Gadget: "ROVE R2-4K PRO Dash Cam, Built-in GPS, 5G WiFi Dash Camera for Cars"


  • R2-4K PRO has built-in GPS, which records and allows you to view real-time live speed and compass on the LCD.
  • supercapacitor car camera (extends product life significantly), voice guidance and alerts
  • R2-4K PRO offers three options for its custom-designed 24-hour parking mode with voice guidance.

GeekedOut Gadget: "PAPASAFETY Personal Safety Alarm for Women, 130dB Siren, Work with Apple Find My App (iOS Only)"


  • This personal alarm is a versatile device that combines a self-defense function, item tracker function, and flashlight function into one compact device. 
  • In case of danger, pull out the top pin to activate a loud alarm and a strobe light for assistance. 
  • FOR THE ELDERLY – Attach it to your parent’s key. You can see its location on your iPhone (iOS Only). They can activate the 130 dB alarm and strobe lights to request help in case of falls, medical emergencies, or accidents.
  • comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged and used repeatedly, making it a cost-effective and sustainable option.

GeekedOut Gadget: " Sliding Door Window Lock Security"


  • greatly enhance the holding power and security of the lock. Upgraded rubber can protect your window track from damage. 
  • Our window locks are suitable for sliding patio doors, sliding windows, sliding glass doors, vertical doors, retractable screen doors/windows, etc. 
  • 3-step quick installation. Just place the lock in a suitable position and tighten the screws!

GeekedOut Gadget: " SABRE Defense Spray, 3-in-1 Formula"


  •  SABRE is the #1 Pepper Spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide
  • our max strength Pepper Spray is strong enough to use against a goal oriented attacker under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • this 3-in-1 defense spray provides protection against multiple threats with 25 bursts 
  • packaging includes links to free SABRE Pepper Spray training videos and safety tips to help maximize your personal safety

This Post was all about the most useful Womens Saftey Gadgets that are sure to provide protection for the treasured women in your life.  You never know…one of these Gadgets might save a life!!!!!!!

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